Secondary lead smelters less keen to produce as margins thin

Thin profit margins drove many secondary lead smelters?across China to cut or suspend?production late week, we?learned as of Monday July 30. Secondary refined lead supplies?in Guizhou province has halved from some 800 mt per day at the end of June.sec lead

Profit margins began to narrow in July?as production at secondary lead smelters recovered from the end of? month-long environmental reviews, and as lead prices weakened.?As of mid-July, margins stood at 300-400 yuan/mt, down by half from the end of?June.

Separately, prices of?battery scrap faced less volatility?than prices of secondary refined?due to limited supplies of battery scrap?in the market,. The recovery of secondary lead production also grew demand for battery scrap. Our research found that current margis of battery scrap stood at 100-200 yuan/mt.

Source: SMM