China’s passenger NEV sales up 30% in May

Sales of new-energy passenger vehicles in China amounted to over 92,000 units in May, up 140% year on year and up 30%?month on month, according to wholesale data from China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) released on Friday June 8.新能源车1

In May, sales of pure electric passenger vehicles rose 130% from a year ago and stood at 73,072 units. Sales of plug-in hybrid electric passenger vehicles rose 199% from a year ago and came in at 19,161 units.

The A00 battery electric vehicles, a small-sized vehicle with relatively short driving range, recorded sales of 44,926 units in May, up 141% year on year. The sales accounted for 57% of overall sales of pure electric passenger vehicle, down 8 percentage points from April. But it maintained its top popularity among buyers.

In the first five months of this year, sales of new-energy passenger vehicles stood at 280,635 units, up 140% year on year; sales of pure electric passenger vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric passenger vehicle came in at 207,416 units and 73,219 units, respectively.

Source: SMM