Xuzhou to upgrade steel industrial structure

To upgrade the industrial structure of the steel industry, the government of Xuzhou in Jiangsu province will embark on a slew of efforts before the end of June. These efforts include shutdowns, relocation, upgrades and accelerated environmental measures.?僵尸企业

A comprehensive and detailed plan will be completed and initiated before the end of June.

“Zombie” steel mills that have suspended operation for an extended period, or have transferred their capacities will not be allowed to resume production. Some of these mills include?Longyuan Steel, Iron ore Casting, Ningfeng Steel, Longshan Casting, Haitong Special Steel, Chenggang Group, Rongyang Steel.

Steel mills that are located upwind?of the city or in an ‘ecologically sensitive’ region?that is plagued by serious?environmental woes, are encouraged to relocate or undergo technical upgrades.?These mills?include Bofeng Steel, Boafeng Steel, Dongya Steel, Liguo Steel, Niutoushan Casting, Xingda Steel, Taifa Steel, Jucheng Casting, Zhenbei Steel.

Large?steel mills with acceptable basic conditions and advantages in integrated transport are required to accelerate the implementation of environmental measures and further optimise their structure. Examples of such mills include Dongnan Steel, Jinhong Steel, and Huahong Steel.

Source: SMM